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No New Posts Rules & Information

The rules for this roleplay live here. There is also additional information about the world of Dragon Ball and our own personal story here.

Moderators: Zucceta, Vi-Poi, Bing Gan

Sub-boards: Rules, Plot, Mechanics, Old Notices, Grievances and Appeals

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111 1,182 What is Project Turbo?
by Mayze
Mar 27, 2021 6:10:31 GMT
No New Posts Character Board (CLOSED TO NEW APPLICATIONS)

This is where your characters are created and stored, plus where the information on different species you can play as are held. CLOSED TO NEW APPLICATIONS AS OF OCTOBER 23RD 2017.

Moderators: Zucceta, Vi-Poi, Bing Gan, Nicolas Mclendon

Sub-boards: Species, Accepted Characters, Guard and Minion Creation, Plot Pages, Character Transfer/Archival , Inactive Characters

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1,756 8,853 Akemi: The Trickster Teacher [WIP]
by Alexseowin
Mar 14, 2022 3:25:06 GMT
No New Posts Suggestions

Thought of a way the site could be improved? Got something you think might deserve a vote? Post your ideas here.

Moderators: Zucceta, Vi-Poi, Bing Gan

Sub-boards: Featured Suggestions/Polls, Updates, The Race Idea Section, Post-Staff Implementation Archive, Old Suggestions/Debates/Polls

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593 6,909 a possible tweak for turboo
by Bing Gan
Nov 22, 2017 0:23:45 GMT
No New Posts General Board

You can talk about anything here.

Moderators: Administrator, Global Moderator, Profile Edits Moderator, Moderator

Sub-boards: Art Board, Member Roster, Absences

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959 6,902 MAJINS - clarification and organisation
by hydranix
Mar 24, 2022 10:01:48 GMT
No New Posts Advertisements

Where both members and guests can come to advertise their own sites, but remember that we must be able to advertise back.

Moderator: Mayze

Sub-boards: Sister Sites, Affiliates, First Post, Link-Back

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1,324 1,514 的团队就单一系统达成一
by moslima852
Nov 4, 2023 4:33:01 GMT

Training & Shop

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No New Posts Beginner's Presentation Area

The area where all new members on the forum must make a solo post with their newly accepted character before entering the real world of Dragon Ball.

740 1,707 The Rivals Death
by Capper Hofferson
Nov 26, 2017 0:20:14 GMT
No New Posts Training Area

Where all solo training posts go. However, with gravity training sessions, you may also spar with another person here.

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1,866 6,056 Similar Beings [x30] (Invite)
by greg
Jun 10, 2018 5:45:40 GMT
No New Posts Item Shop

This is the place where you can buy and keep track of the useful items your character may wish to own, such as space transport and scouters.

465 3,612 Koldar's Acquisition
by Koldar Frost
Jan 31, 2018 0:29:57 GMT

Multiverse Tournament Grounds

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No New Posts Multiverse Information

Where the rules and information for the Multiverse tournament are kept.

Sub-board: Multiverse Tournament Characters

51 178 Multiverse Tournament Rules
by Marion
Jan 31, 2024 21:52:52 GMT
No New Posts Tournament Grounds

Where the multiversal warriors gather and fight!

Sub-boards: The Ring, The Sideline

116 1,164 The Wish Ceremony
by Porunga
Feb 13, 2018 9:07:36 GMT


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No New Posts The Frozen North

The north of the planet is mostly barren and cold. It is still home to numerous settlements despite this, and some of the stronger human fighters are hardened in this region due to the hardships on the body.

Sub-boards: Yunzabit Highlands, North Capitol, Mt. Frappe, Gizard Wasteland, Jingle Village, Central Capitol

522 7,416 Fire on Ice (DE/Broadcast)
by Johnie
Aug 22, 2023 23:00:16 GMT
No New Posts The Southern Islands

The warm south is where much of the planets crops are grown, and is host to luxurious weather. Includes both the tropical islands and the more southern regions of the continent.

Sub-boards: South Capitol, Tenka'ichi Budōkai Grounds, Mt. Paozu, Diablo Desert

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701 10,078 You're gonna carry that weight [Open]
by Capper Hofferson
Dec 1, 2017 18:07:13 GMT
No New Posts The Western Frontiers

Half of this land is desert, the rest home to grassland and forest. Many mystical relics and buildings are based here.

Sub-boards: Timeless Lookout, West Capitol, Ginger Town, Fukurou Forest, Fortuneteller's Desert

713 10,456 A Cut Above the Rest [OPEN]
by Jillian
Jan 20, 2024 23:53:08 GMT
No New Posts The Eastern Lands

An area of the Earth which feels fairly rural, despite the presence of two large cities. Along with the south, it is home to many farming communities.

Sub-boards: East Capitol, Bamboo Forest, Spinach Wastes, Satan City

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741 10,059 Dark Sonata [Maeve, Sala, Drake]
by Ra
Jun 7, 2019 3:39:59 GMT

Mazoku Namek

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No New Posts The Northern Scar

A region known for tectonic instability and volcanic outbursts, said to have once been attacked by a colossal machine before the legendary Son of Katas put an end to its destructive mechanisations. Even so, the event left it's mark, the titular Scar, with vast cracks and valleys radiating from it's point of landing.

Sub-board: The Outer Plait

38 386 End All; Be All (Saga/Split)
by Samba
Dec 18, 2017 22:25:12 GMT
No New Posts The Ajissa Mainlands

The planet Namek's main super-continent, sometimes refered to as 'the Shell', a lush world of blue grass and viridescent cross-crossing waters, surrounded by vast forests of beautiful Ajissa from generations of gentle toil and tending.

Since the Mazoku's reign began, mutated Namekian's from this dark clan can be seen roaming this land they were once forbidden from, mingling with their former enemies; perhaps unity between the three clans is not far off.

Sub-boards: Castle Mazoku, Moori Capital, The Quiet Plains

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181 2,230 A Champion's Feast! Victory Rewarded in Castle Mazoku! [O]
by Samba
Dec 18, 2017 22:27:04 GMT
No New Posts Maima Region

The south-western region of the continent stands as a wide-reaching archipelago of small but closely-situated islands, separated by the cool green fresh water of the planets oceans. This Region is where the Elder Guru's initial lookout was re-founded.

Sub-board: Grand Elder Village

72 853 Desperation! [SAGA]
by Rhytid
Oct 26, 2017 17:42:24 GMT

Saiyan Solar Empire

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No New Posts Planet Vegeta

Planet Vegeta, home of the mighty Saiyans and seat of their Solar Empire. The planet is a brutal wasteland, wreathed with the remains of ancient Tuffle ruins, where scavengers brave the destron plague and archaic androids to gain their fortunes. The world is crowned by Cacumber Capital, a vast city where the Imperial Court decides the fate of far-flung stars.

Sub-boards: Cacumber Capital, The Central Wastelands, Ancient Tuffle Ruins

384 4,623 New Contact (Open to all)
by Steve -
Jul 6, 2022 8:00:27 GMT
No New Posts Space Prison Knutts

After the fall of the Arcosian Empire, Queen Zucceta ordered the construction of a titanic prison in the deep space of Saiyan territory. Designed to hold valuable political prisoners and vagabonds better left alive than dead, this metal tomb is a hive seething with scum and villainy, a Saiyan elite guard barely containing the chaos.

Sub-boards: The Polestar, Guard Barracks, Ultra Max

15 83 The Great Escape - Part 02 - Arc 07
by Queen Habana
Jul 21, 2017 11:23:56 GMT
No New Posts Planet Kabocha

A pirate world at the frontier territories of the Solar Empire and the Arcosian Empire, this planet changes hands regularly. Recently home to a violent guerilla rebellion, the Saiyan army is in full force now, earning glory at the bloody edge of the galactic warfront.

Sub-board: Pukinpa City

4 9 Departure
by Sanngrior
Feb 18, 2016 15:09:50 GMT
No New Posts Planet Shikk

One of the oldest worlds in the empire, conquered by King Bardock himself. It has long been a source of stability and profit in the empire, with mining pits dotting its arid surface, a source of valuable metals that aid the empire's galactic infrastructure, with large sea-side towns where the Saiyans rule supreme.

Sub-boards: Turrip Town, Coliflo Mines

12 116 Doing his Job (Solo)
by Queen Habana
Nov 6, 2017 13:35:58 GMT

Occupied Arcosian Sector

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No New Posts Planet Arcose

Spectacularly sacked by the Saiyan Solar Empire under the leadership of a new Queen, Arcose was the site of the largest battle during the Fall of the Arcosian Empire. Originally Ruined by the Tree of Might, a wish from Earth's Dragon Balls has returned the planet to its former glory.

Recently, the planet, alongside everything in the Arcosian Empire's space that was not already stolen by the Saiyan's, was annexed by the ever-expanding Mazoku Dominion.

Recently, the Arcosian Homeworld has been annexed by the Mazoku Dominion. Though the populace are torn on whether or not their new leaders are for the best, the Supreme Commander of Arcose, as well as a fair majority of the army, advocate for their Namekian rulers.

Sub-boards: Capital of Arcose, The Glacial Belt

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75 1,090 Waking Up a Giant (Open)
by Lynwood
Oct 22, 2022 22:48:33 GMT
No New Posts Planet Yardrat

After Arcose's revival, Yardrat ceased being the capital of the Arcosian Empire but still retains a large importance as a secondary consolidation of soldiers and politicians. The planet's pink-skinned warriors are revered for their novel ki techniques, although they share few secrets with outsiders.

Briefly controlled by the Saiyan Solar Empire, this former capital world was reclaimed thanks to the combined efforts of the Mazoku and Arcosian Empires.
Currently, the Saiyan Solar Empire hold a sharp and harsh foothold on this ancient Arcosian core world.
Currently, they are under the control of the Solar Saiyan Empire, stolen away from their original allies by a mighty Majin Commander.

Sub-boards: Friezaton, Temple Prairie

34 303 Inspection [Open]
by Rhytid
Nov 10, 2017 10:42:32 GMT
No New Posts The Brenchian Gemini

A binary system with two stars, one a red giant and the other a smaller denser blue star. A solar system orbits these twin stars with two habitable worlds, and was long ago conquered as part of the Arcosian Empire. Even with the recent failure and splintering of the empire, the Brenchian people have tried their best to retain their loyalty to the Arcosian regime.

Although briefly conquered by the Saiyan Empire, efforts to reclaim the Gemini by the Mazoku Dominion have been successful. It has been annexed into the Dominion's territory, much like the Capital world of the Arcosians.

Sub-boards: Aoi Brenchia, Akai Brenchia

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35 274 Chilled to the Bone [Corza] [INVITE]
by Rhytid
Nov 17, 2017 19:33:35 GMT
No New Posts Planet Beppa

Populated by the hulking Beppa-seijin, this smoldering volcanic world is as mysterious as it is foreboding. Old Arcosian settlements sparsely mark its obsidian plains, and its natives rank as some of the galaxy's most sought-after mercenaries.

Although briefly occupied by Solar Empire forces, the leader of the expansionist Mazoku Dominion saw to it that this was the first of many Arcosian-owned worlds that would be taken back from the Super Saiyans. With the combined forces of the Mazoku and Arcosian Empires, Beppa is defended with a watchful eye from future attacks.

Sub-boards: Dore Outpost, Volcanic Plains

30 284 Turning Tides [SAGA]
by Entirely Ed
Aug 14, 2017 12:21:19 GMT
No New Posts Planet Kanassa

A once-valuable colony of the Arcosian Empire for it's reletively close proximity (in galactic terms) to planets such as Namek and Vegeta. It was said that the original inhabitants of Kanassa could predict the future - it evidently did not help them however to avoid collection as but another bauble for Frieza. Though recently attacked and decimated by the Saiyan Empire, the Tree of Might's destruction has been reverted by the Dragon Ball's of Earth. This mystical revitalization has done little to save the Kanassans, however-- A shadowy, faceless group descended upon the planet, decimating the entire population in mere hours. Cities are reduced to rubble, bodies have been burnt to ash. The barren planet floats through space, its body lifeless.

Despite its now-empty state, Kanassa has been reclaimed by the combined efforts of the Mazoku and Arcosian empires.

27 328 From on battlefield to another... [Leaving, Taiga, Glaze]
by Queen Habana
Aug 9, 2017 3:50:31 GMT
No New Posts The Raiti-Zacro Asteroid

The natives of this asteroid are reviled as a bunch of untrustworthy shapeshifters. A den of thieves and outlaws at the edge of Arcosian space, this planet is wrapped in a strange, ephemeral mist that emanate from the planetoid's core. Recently, it was conquered by the expansionist Mazoku Empire, the forefront of Namek's new territory.

Sub-board: The &^$@# Pit

16 126 Stargoons Meet on Raiti! Who is worthy of Pirate Magic?! [O]
by Rock Cocklin
Jul 21, 2017 2:42:13 GMT

Free Space

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No New Posts Planet Konats

A newly-discovered planet that was contacted by Empress Wyntre's diplomats just before the changelings fell, this desert world is governed by a shadowy conspiracy of magicians, who are said to have transported the planet to the North Galaxy in the fulfillment of a prophecy.

Sub-boards: Ocariin City, Ruined Kashvar Fortress

127 1,702 [Closed] Adventures in the City
by Taiga
Jan 8, 2018 14:51:09 GMT
No New Posts Interplanetary Space

The empty void of the galaxy, through which spacecraft are your only means of transport. Also home to planets and worlds unaffiliated with any major organisation or empire.

131 1,485 A Battle Of Stupids! Jican Blanco vs Pracross Verde||Open DE
by Pracross Yendatta
Mar 13, 2018 3:08:32 GMT

Other World

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Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts The Upper Worlds

The realm above the golden clouds, domain of the kais and many spirits - both of the dead and supernatural varieties - with pink skies and helpful Oni attending amenities and other bureaucracy (such as the check-in station) of the realm beyond life.

Moderators: King Yemma, King Kai

Sub-boards: Tournament Grounds, The Check-In Station & Snake Way, Heaven

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172 1,077 To Judge a Prophet
by Jamesgit
Mar 25, 2022 20:53:35 GMT
No New Posts Hell

Original home of the Oni before the Kais enlisted them to guide spirits, and a place of rehabilitation and confinement for souls who have lead a life of misdeeds before their time for reincarnation comes. Despite its name (colloquially referred to as 'the home for infinite losers'), the place can be rather pleasant and agreeable in its more tended and supervised regions.

Moderator: Beelzebub

Sub-board: The Blood Pond

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264 1,920 Lack of Will, Lack of Life (closed)
by Zerori
Dec 26, 2017 16:44:26 GMT


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Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Faction Profiles

The general section for player made Faction profiles

35 669 Blue Banner Army
by Pracross Yendatta
Dec 3, 2017 1:45:56 GMT
No New Posts Faction Boards

The private board for each faction, where they may post messages, plot in secret, or discuss things as a team.

Sub-boards: Earth's Special Forces, Blue Banner Army, The Saiyan Solar Empire, Arcosian Empire, Mazoku Dominion, Devil's Knights, The Galactic Patrol

49 329


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